What is “SITIES”?

SITIES, in fact a Greek acronym for the official title "Support System for the Elderly with Smart Devices", is a research project that aims to offer autonomous living conditions and integrated health services to senior citizens.

Who participate in “SITIES”?

Gnomon Informatics SA and the Laboratory of Information and Calculations Processing of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are the partners in this project.

What is this project’s purpose?

The main purpose of the project is to build a low-cost smart assistant that will support the Greek language and which can be procured by any old person. The assistant will be able to offer useful services in the form of smart applications (some of which will be downloaded dynamically as in smartphones), either independently or on demand.

Who is the project aimed at?

Except from the obvious category of direct users (i.e. the elderly), the project is also aimed at social and governmental bodies. In addition, research organizations with similar projects could be of interest, from which potential collaboarations would emerge, as well as business entities for possible commercial use. Finally, it can address developers who would be interested in participating in the development of SITIES or in the development of additional applications that will be based on the final product and will extend its usability.

How can I stay updated about this project?

In addition to the official website of the project, there are also official pages of the project on the most popular social networks. Related links can be found in the footer of the page. Additionally, you can subscribe to the newsletter. The news of the project, as well as various events that will be organized in the context of the relevant promotion of the project, will be announced through the aforementioned tools.